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Our site is designed for DSL, Cable modem or fractional T-1 access, but can be used with 28.8k or 56k modems if you are prepared to accept the delays! (we develop and test on a 100baseT LAN, then use DSL to upload to the web server and validate links, so we can really see the differences) If you use a slower link, be patient, the richness and depth of the artwork makes it worth the wait! We use newer technology such as HTML 3.2, Java and Quicktime, so you will find the quality of your viewing experience somewhat dependant on your own browser and computer. We recommend an MPG-2 (or better) compliant computer with at least Netscape or Internet Explorer version 4. If you need to download Quicktime or an upgraded browser right now, see the Hyperlinks section below.

A simplified linear representation of our virtual reality

The blue, red, or purple stuff (above) is available at the bottom of many pages Help or Troubleshooting Reception Problems

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Our Production Facility

In 1997, we used:

Now we're using 64 bit processors and HD cameras


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